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Radiocarbon Dating There are three principal isotopes of carbon that are naturally occurring, 12C, 13C and 14C, the latter being radioactive and used in this dating method. This dating method can be applied to loess by dating the organic matter contained within the palaeosols, which are old soils formed at the earth's surface (Duller, 2002). Luminescence Dating This method is also used to date loess, which was developed in the 1960's ( Berger, Pillans, Bruce and Mc Intosh (2001) carried out a study using thermoluminescence on the sediments, as radiocarbon ...

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Seeing other people kiss only puts you and your date in an awkward position. Always give her a time when you're going to pick her up, and don't be late. Personally, I think that dating died with the 80's, or even before that.

At the end of the session, each participant indicates which of the people he met would be of interest for a future date (ticking a box).

One of the advantages of speed dating comparing to blind dates and personals is that the latest do not satisfy the crucial requirement of physical attraction and chemistry in order for two people to hit it off and pursue.

"In order to make your first date a successful one you need to master three main areas: your planning, how you dress, and your attitude.

When it comes to planning your date there are many things to watch for. While picking your atmosphere keep one thing in mind, "The golden rule", which is no kissing on the first date.

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