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When speaking of the point system in the game, I always use the acronyms. There are two things to consider about the OP and CF meter.

Even though OP and CF are just game mechanics, there is a relationship between moral philosophy, as interpreted by the designers of the game, and the award of OP or CF points (meter shifts). If an action is selfish and harsh or duplicitous, tends to greater discord and the unhappiness of others, and possibly presents a shortcut to the player character (even though the rewards of the OP option may be greater) or involves a route that brings avoidable pain or death, it will probably award CF points. Those two things are orientation (direction) and magnitude.

If you have 100% of the CF meter full before chapter four, you can kick small animals in certain areas; they leave behind orbs.

|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | The Game Advantages and Disadvantages of Pursuing Magnitude of Alignment | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| You can probably tell that magnitude means very little in terms of game mechanics.

Sagacious Zu dishes out mind-your-own-beeswax with extra cynic sauce. This guide will spoil all the really interesting twists of plot and character that you could have watched unfold with wondering eyes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1.0 Introduction .1 What is this game? .2 Extended Note on the OP and CF Features of Jade Empire 2.0 The Player Character 3.0 Occasional Aids .1 Zin Bu .2 Abbot Song .3 Death's Hand 4.0 Amusing Anecdotes .1 The Black Whirlwind .2 Henpicked Hou 5.0 Mysterious Discoveries .1 Sagacious Zu's Secretive Past .2 Wild Flower's Suppressed Conflict .3 Kang the Mad's Lost Identity 6.0 Romantic Entanglements .1 Dawn Star .2 Silk Fox .3 Sky 7.0 Epilogues .1 Dawn Star .2 Silk Fox .3 Sky .4 Henpicked Hou .5 Wild Flower .6 Death's Hand .7 Kang the Mad .8 The Black Whirlwind .9 Sir Roderick 8.0 Final Notes .1 Copyright Notice .2 Version History .3 Thanks and Acknowledgments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ 1.0 Introduction ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******************************************************** ** 1.1 What is this game? ** ******************************************************** Jade Empire is an action RPG published by Bioware in 2005 for the Xbox. If you haven't finished at least one complete playthrough, this is your last warning.

|-------------------------------------| | Open Palm, its magnitude or mastery | |-------------------------------------| If you have 50% of the OP meter full, you can learn Stone Immortal magic in chapter two or chapter three.If you have 100% of the OP meter full, you can equip "The Open Palm" gem after killing the Water Dragon in chapter seven.|---------------------------------------| | Closed Fist, its magnitude or mastery | |---------------------------------------| If you have 50% of the CF meter full, you can learn Tempest magic in chapter two or chapter three.In fact, this guide is built around helping you explore many of them as you experience the game and its various subplots.Two abbreviations are used frequently throughout this guide: OP: Open Palm, or "the Way of the Open Palm," a game mechanic.

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