Who is phyllis george dating

Beyond NFL and NBA color, it calls for her to take over Challenge of the Sexes (from snow-flaky Suzy Chaffee) and may include TV series cameos and even a featured role in a made-for-TV movie. Her dress nowadays is Manhattan chic, and most echoes of Texas have been expunged from her voice.Still, enough of her small-town Methodist upbringing remains to make Phyllis an engaging hybrid, an authentic country slicker.“That’s where a woman’s sensitivity comes in.” Expanding on this touchy point, she says: “Women are inquisitive as well as sensitive—they like to find out about people.

George was born to Diantha Cogdell and James George in Denton, Texas.Indeed, last weekend she was booked once again to co-host the 56th Miss America Pageant with the eternal Bert Parks. Anyway, I’m from Texas,” she points out, “and down there you follow the Texas Longhorns and the Dallas Cowboys or you don’t belong.But the second the final credits rolled, Phyllis was ticketed back to New York to prepare for the first of 19 grueling Sundays of pre-game, halftime and post-game airings of NFL Today with Musburger and former Philadelphia Eagle Irv Cross. “I knew more about sports than some people gave me credit for when I started,” she says. So, when I pick up the morning paper, the sports pages come first and the fashion pages come last.” That background has paid off particularly well with her one-on-one interviews, now a staple of NFL Today.She was also First Lady of Kentucky from 1979 to 1983.Phyllis Ann George Brown (born June 25, 1949) is an American businesswoman, actress and a former sportscaster.

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